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The Hockey Podcast started in the summer of 2018 with Kevin Olenick, Tyler Noble, and Sean Holmes-Smith.  Through the next two plus years we added Chris Schneider, Heidi Stobert and Devin Holmes-Smith to our ranks.  We have Canucks, Flames and Maple Leafs fans among the group now and while we focus on those three teams the most we like talking about as much hockey as we can.  We usually go live on Youtube and Facebook 1-2 times a week and do post game reactions for playoff games.

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Tyler "Mittens"


Kevin is currently studying Radio

and Arts Entertainment at BCIT.
He created "Agree or Disagree: The Podcast" before spearheading the start of this podcast. Kevin always finds a way to provoke thought and discussion.  Kevin can't seem to "Choose a Table" and cheers for both the Canucks and Flames.

Sean grew up playing, watching and following all things hockey. He brings the same passion and combative nature that he played with to our podcast.  A lifelong Canucks fan, Sean is not afraid to let everyone knows what his opinion is even if it gets him in trouble with Heidi.

Tyler is the leader of #MittensNation, and our resident referee who officiates hockey games up in Northern BC. Tyler is the more level headed Canucks fan who tries to keep us from going on too many tangents and focusing too much on what will be added to trades as a "Sweetener".

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Chris was originally brought on as a one off substitute host and we liked him enough to keep him on full time. Being a Canucks fan in Calgary can be tough but Chris always seems to keep his cool, even when his cats make multiple appearances on camera.

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Devin is our resident Leafs fan but also loves his Flames (traditionalists be damned). Devin toured Europe playing hockey and played as high as Midget AAA. Devin brings that high level hockey experience to the podcast. You can also expect guest appearances from his dog Gord and cat Carl.

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